A Self Propelled Lawn Mower is What You Need.

To have a beautiful lawn, we need a good lawn mower and while shopping there are many questions that arise. First find out what you want: gas, electric or battery motor, which width of mowing, cutting height, manual or self-propelled and the last question is about mulching kit. Actually, there are many questions for a novice gardener who have never had a lawn mower before. From these lines we will try to advise you how to buy the best self propelled lawn mower without any regret after the purchase. The most essential factors to buy a lawnmower are:



  1. The size of your garden: A garden of small dimensions will suffice with a manual mower. This is quiet, manageable and economical. The only inconvenience is that you have to collect the grass clippings, but hey, everything in life can not be perfect. If the garden is beginning to be great, we recommend an electric mower because it is manageable and weighs much less than a gasoline engine, but be careful with the power cord because we can cut the wire without knowing. In fact, electric lawn mowers have a power ranging from 600W up to 1600w. Also, we can find lawn mowers run by batteries, so we avoid the inconvenience of cutting a power cord but they are much more expensive so it should be considered with the budget. Opt for a lawn mower is not only based on either electric or battery motor but also the terrain we have and its unevenness, and self propelled mower is no doubt a perfect lawn mower for every garden.
  2. If you prefer to go for a petrol lawn mower: If we want to have a “professional” garden, we need a petrol mower because it provides greater freedom of movement. Most of these lawn mowers are self propelled, so we will avoid push and the job is more comfortable. The inconvenient? They need a small home gas station. If the garden is large and also want to take a step further then we recommend buying a self-supporting mower or small lawn tractor. You save a lot of time mowing the lawn but you have to keep in mind that it is much more expensive.
  3. For very large gardens and lawns, the best lawn mower is a tractor to mow the lawn and mow the yard or park. Not as well known as vacuuming robots which have been used for many years but there is also the lawn mower robot. The robot mows daily and let you cut a few millimeters on the grass. It is like mulching and provides nutrition to the grass and prevents the grass to stay too dry. You can program the robot for hours to mow the lawn and herbs and also adjust the cutting height. Of course it costs a lot more than the other kind of lawn mower, but you just have to count the hours you have to mow the lawn and with this automatic device, you can save many hours.
  4. Mower Width: A key part is the breadth and the ability to mow at different heights. The wider the mower, the more grass can be cut at once. It is very useful for large sizes gardens but on the other hand, less maneuverability is available. Narrower lawn mowers help us to have greater maneuverability to cut grass in confined spaces. Vary the height in a mower is essential for a gardener, there are several ways to modify its height.
  5. Opt for lawn mowers that made of best material which is ABS plastic. It is a light material but on the other hand is less resistant than aluminum, which despite being heavier, is more resistant over time.
  6. Helical or Rotary blades: A rotary mower blades allow us to have a good looking lawn and at a reasonable price. The blades can be removed from mower and sanded by yourself or by a professional sharpener. The Helical mower blades are best suited for professionals. Its cutting system is just a few millimeters. Therefore, the knives have to be sharpened by a professional sharpener.

Tips: Always consult a professional when it comes to choosing the best suited to the use.

Post Author: John Snow

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