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A Buddha statue in the house or garden

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Camping in the garden, an unforgettable adventure.

You do not need to travel long distances. You can camp in the garden of your home! Go ahead and make your children also enjoy this classic activity, following some recommendations specializing in children and teenagers.


Before any plan, make sure that you take account to a tent (tents for sale are many), sleeping bags, flashlights and backpacks. And do not forget to bring with you:

– Pajamas for children and adults

– Camera

– Storybooks

– Canteens

– Binoculars

– Compass

– Snacks

– Liquid Beverages

– Food for grilling

Ready for fun!

When the tent is set up, sleeping bags and food are prepared and organized, it’s time to have fun. You are worries about what to do? Better, put into practice the games that we present below:

  1. Scavenger Hunt (You can hide objects such as stones, leaves, flowers and stems, among others).
  2. Find insects (takes the opportunity to teach your children about these little animals and the importance of respect).
  3. Drawings curious (Collect objects such as leaves and branches, put them under a white paper, a pencil and pass them until the shape remain on paper).
  4. Find stars (they can count and search figures or constellations)
  5. Reading stories or tell stories.
  6. Obstacle (seize the implements in the garden as hoses, chairs and rocks).
  7. Make figures with shadows (used flashlights and makes fun figures with your hands).
  8. Sing the favorite songs of your children.

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