Ceramic cookware: The next generation of cookware

The recent increase in popularity of cooking shows has generated great interest in the latest tools to become master chef. The latest trend in Europe is ceramic cookware, which has the potential to replace Teflon as the dominant material in cookware.

Today kitchenware serve not only for cooking. Most pots and pans have a very important decorative value in most modern kitchens. The reality is that all types of cookware have their advantages and disadvantages, none is perfect.

The good thing is that pottery utensils offer more advantages than other types of cookware. For example, the ceramic utensils have great insulation capabilities. Therefore, you can cook food thoroughly, even at low and medium temperatures.

Ceramic kitchen utensils also have very good ability of heat distribution. The ceramic tableware designers have made sure to offer a design and a crack resistant frame.

Keep in mind that all materials are likely to react to the chemical changes. If the container is not well designed or manufactured, it may even change the color of the food and even make food comes with a bad taste. With the best ceramic cookware, this does not happen at all.

Another important thing to note about the pottery utensils are its thermal properties. Thermal properties refer to the ability of a heat transfer element. Most often, kitchen utensils are designed to manage a large amount of heat. The ceramic utensils have been tested for international standards in matters of thermal capacities and have been classified as high level material at this aspect. Not all utensils can withstand extreme heat, but ceramic one can.

Unlike Teflon cookware, ceramic kitchen tools do not wear off its lining so easily therefore remain nice appearance over time.

In short, the ceramic cookware are durable, reliable and improve the cooking experience.

5 Advantages of cooking in a ceramic skillet

Today there are products which are made of different materials to choose from when buying a new pan or a skillet or other cookware. These pans are made of ceramic with a metal base on which is adhered a ceramic layer.

Currently ceramic utensils have become quite used by housewives and this article will give you 5 reasons why you should choose ceramic skillet on your next purchase.

No release toxic substances

Unlike classic or non-stick Teflon pans, which tend to release toxic substances when they wear out, a ceramic pan is considered ecological because it does not produce harmful substances for consumption.

Food does not stick

Ceramic pans are characterized by their natural non-stick properties, a subject that has become the favorite of housewives.


Another advantage of choosing a ceramic pan is that it has a good price. But even if it had a higher cost, it is a good investment because you do not have to get rid of it after a few months as is the case with cheap or nonstick pans or Teflon pans.

Save Oil

Possessing release properties, you do not need to use oil to cook your food, which will help improve the health of the family.

Increased shock resistance

While not as strong as stainless steel pan, a pan which is made of ceramic is more resistant than a Teflon or normal non-stick pan. But since its coating is not as fragile as the previous ones, so you will not have problems in using it or washing.

Buy pottery skillet creditors not only gives us a product that represents a good investment but it is also a tool that does not damage our health, as it helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in our diet.


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