How to Make a conservatory at your home?

A conservatory is an expansion of glass at a house where you can sit relax. Many people call it a greenhouse. How you can build a conservatory to your home? What should you do? How about the license? And can you build a greenhouse?

What is a conservatory?

A conservatory is an extension to a house on the ground floor. Typically, a glasshouse is made of glass. In the summer, the temperature in a greenhouse can be high therefore this is an ideal place for relaxation in the winter. A conservatory can also be well used as storage for various winter plants. Also you can easily make your own vegetable garden. You can grow the plants under the glass and then later move to the outside. A greenhouse has many advantages and therefore there are so many people who are happy to use. More and more people want to build their own conservatory at their home, but how do you do this?

Start with a design

It is very important that you have a good plan for your conservatory. Create a design and see the different options. What fits in the greenhouse, how much space of your garden? What is feasible? A design can also be conducted by an architect with knowledge of business.

Ask for a building permit

Building a conservatory can unfortunately not be easy. You need a license required by the municipality. When you have good detailed drawing of an architect, the likelihood of approval is bigger. However, it is also important to properly find out what the community wants and what rules they use. Then, the success rate is larger. Note well that it may take a while until the municipality can grant a building permit.

Build a conservatory

If you’re not very handy, you can consider have your conservatory built by construction companies. There are several construction companies that can do this for you. It is important that you find a reliable construction company. Always obtain a quotation. Then you know how much money you spend and you can immediately see which conditions applied by the company. This way you can easily compare different companies.

Build your conservatory on your own

Are you just really clever? Then you can consider yourself to build your conservatory. Consider carefully what you will need. Should something be cemented? What about the glass? Can you do everything yourself or you still need help with certain things? Also you have to make important choices. What material will you build your conservatory?

Wooden conservatory

You can choose to build a wooden conservatory. This is especially a good choice for older houses: Usually using mahogany. A wooden conservatory has the advantage that it is authentic and cozy look. Also, wood is very isolating and it can be dyed to make it fit for many homes. However, it also has disadvantages. As wood does not fit all types of homes. A modern home for example does not go very well with a conservatory of wood. Annual maintenance is also important when you have a wooden veranda.

Aluminium conservatory

Apart from a wooden conservatory, you can also opt for a conservatory of aluminum. This looks very sleek and fits especially well in a modern home. What you should keep in mind is that the aluminum conservatory does not provide adequate insulation. An advantage of this is again that maintenance is not much need and that you do not have to paint aluminum. It is available in different colors. You want to paint it anyway? Then you can do so but you need another person, because the dyeing of aluminum is not easy.

The canopy

The roof of a greenhouse may be made of glass, but there are also other possibilities. For example, create a canopy of wood or aluminum. You may also opt for a retractable roof. You can then use a single push of a button to slide the roof. In the winter months, you close the roof, of course, but in very nice weather, you can sit outside.


The isolation of a conservatory is very important. You do not want to sit in the conservatory. Insulation is not necessary, but remember that you can save quite some energy when you add it. Eventually you can make a calculation in which you look at what it is most advantageous.


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