Keep those burglars out!

Burglars is waiting for anyone’s mistakes. You should not think that one bad day, uninvited guess simply sit between your stuff to grab and cause irreparable destruction to your property and your sense of privacy and security. You want to do everything to ensure that you, your home and your belongings are safe. How do you keep the burglars out?


Make it easy

Believe it or not, in many cases, we make it very easy for burglars outraging our stuff. We provide you a small anthology with major consequences:

  • We go out the door, but the window is still open.
  • You are working in the garden and the back door is not locked.
  • At night is the kitchen window is still opened.
  • The bike stands in the garden and do not lock.
  • The car is in the driveway, not locked or with the window open.
  • The expensive tool in the shed behind an unlocked door.
  • The spare key is in the door, neatly underneath a tile or inverted flowerpot.

And since burglars prefer an easy and safe way for their loot bringing, the bullets from the list above are actually just burglary invitations, even though you really do not mean it.

Further invitations

Burglars do not break into the house when there seems to be little to pick. After all, why should he do all that trouble with the risk of being caught? That is a different story of the booty. Another list of invitations:

  • The laptop, camera, expensive bag is still in the car.
  • The wallet is on the kitchen table.
  • The expensive smartphone is on the kitchen counter, windowsill.

You can find all kinds of variations on proposals. And for the burglar is easy, because he does not have to search inside. A tap on the window, a grip, and he’s off again. Fast and easy.

Do not make it so easy!

Many burglars are out on opportunities. In quick action there is less risk of discovery. An open window, unattended objects. It’s fast, easier and with less risk. To reduce the risk of a burglary, we must ensure that we are not as easy going on the burglars:

  • Be sure to close windows and doors.
  • Do not leave valuables in sight.
  • Do not leave valuables lying or unattended in your yard or car.
  • Burglars like working in full view. Lights with motion sensors are not fine.

An alarm system.

Do not hide your house behind a tall hedge and dense bushes. It may be fine for your own privacy, but it also gives burglars an excellent camouflage for their illegal activities.

Look critically at the hinges and locks on your windows and doors.

Hinges and locks

The existing locks, hinges are best recognized by security expert locksmith. You’ll be amazed how many potentially unsafe locks and amenities in and around your house which are used in the belief that everything is in order. An example: the lock of the door is of good quality, but by drilling a hole in the frame, the bolt of the lock can be still be pushed back by the burglar or he can remove the hinges of a patio door, and the doors can be lifted out of the frame. A good lock does not help here. After a scan, the locksmith or security guard tell you exactly where you need to invest in order to increase safety.

Do it yourself with locks

Do you plan to replace locks and fittings, make sure that you buy good material. Maybe it is a bit more expensive, but safer. The burglary of locks, hinges and door fittings is prevented by using the SKG system, developed by the Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw from Wageningen. This label indicates a number of stars in the lock. Three stars is maximum and thus recommended. Totally burglar proof is never a lock, but a lock of three stars cost the burglar simply more time to break. More time means more chances of discovery. Burglars prefer to go out of the way.


After reading this article you should definitely avoid to reduce the risk of burglary, and you’ve seen what you can do the following. These are all steps in the right direction, but it remains important to be aware of what is happening in or around your house. Good contact with people from the neighborhood remains important, that makes your neighbors better watch your home and vice versa. Being alert helps to recognize suspicious situations and to take action.

There still remains a warning: installing good locks and security is one thing, but make use of it and make sure everything goes lock is another. Stay alert!

Post Author: John Snow

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