The trend for kitchen tiles

In the kitchen, tile reigns showing off the walls, worktops, splashbacks or floors. His strength ? It combines high strength (wear, water, shock or stain), and a very appreciable true ease of maintenance in the kitchen. Aesthetic shapes, various colors, multiple surface effects … Here’s a selection of trendy models that should change the image that you had tiled!

In the ceramic family kitchen, for example, the Italian Porcelain tile would be perfect! Manufactured based on clay in which are added mineral components such as silica, quartz and feldspar which allow its vitrification which is necessary in particular soils. Praised for its resistance to the passage of time as stain, it is now known for multifaceted and perfectly imitates stone, concrete or slate.

More fragile to shocks, Earthenware, mixture of clay, clay-limestone and sand, is ideal on the walls, all elegance and brilliance. Warning to contact a professional if you do not have the required skills, the demand arises indeed a real know-how.

1. The charm of the glazed earthenware in the kitchen

A feminine touch in the kitchen with these variations of gray tiles, white and pink ballerina. Tiles laid horizontally, others vertically, let talk fantasy that is in you …

2. Tile Kitchen: room for creativity!

In keeping with the tradition of the famous “Mettlach tiles’ made the late nineteenth century, these glazed porcelain stoneware tiles offer a multitude of possibilities. You will combine the colors and motifs of tiles decorated to create a patchwork that will always harmonious even if you mix them randomly and unconventional way decorations.

3. mosaic tile for a kitchen on the top

Ideal for splashback on the wall, original tile adds character to the classic kitchens. His sober tones harmonize perfectly united to the same collection of tiles that imitate the white wood.

4. Tiles in the kitchen: a personalized wall

With these tiles sold individually, play decorators apprentices and dial your own mural. For a beautiful harmony of black, white and gray.

5. A pop tile kitchen full of pep

How revisit rather classic white tiles? Just slip these decorated tiles 9 pop vignettes and decorate the whole of a strip of the same decor for the kitchen take a serious blow pep.

6. A tiled floors trendy

With a surface treatment called lappato this tiled floor has a slight sheen particularly attractive. His colors add to its contemporary style.

7. A tile making effect in the kitchen

Industrial environment with this credenza which reproduces an oxidized metal plate alternates and matte finishes and semi gloss. This type of ultra-thin tile (3.5mm with bonded mesh back) is ideal for renovation because its thinness allows for installation over an existing coating, provided it is plain and healthy.

8. A graphic kitchen tile

The tiled floor with cement tile look will provide a nice vintage style to the kitchen. Thick and classified PEI 4 (for parts to frequent passages), although it will withstand the passage of time …

9. From handcrafted tile

Exclusive of Emery & Cie brand, this kitchen backsplash was done with ‘Kleurtjes’ (small colored Flemish’), handmade glazed terracotta tiles. In addition to the United tiles, Emery & Cie offers a collection of hand-painted motifs, which this ground ‘Primula Arborea’, dark red and white on white background.

10. The honeycomb tile trend!

To change tiles rectangles or squares, one passes to the hexagonal Version! And revisits the atmosphere of her kitchen by daring pose that the offset gives a nice graphical effect.

11. A Tiled bright

Gray furniture, white walls, the kitchen very sober emphasizes the floor with this beautiful shades of colors, pearl gray, light gray and blue. For a coordinated style, gray pearl tiles are also used credenza

12. Tiles: between past and present

Beau return to the classics with this tile that mimics terracotta, while declining in the updated tones. Several shades of beige, different gray, from light to dark, all in a hexagonal format that breaks the linearity, it revisits old patchwork.

In the current line of concrete floors, the tile cement wooded aspect, creates a design atmosphere combined with a warm touch. Offered in various sizes, colors and finishes, it showcases expertise ceramic 100% French.


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