The various equipment that can be self-repaired to save money

The repair itself is a subject that many people nowadays do not dare even think about. It is the habit to do things themselves. Nevertheless, the trend is changing. Making your own clothes is again popular, like crocheting, embroidery and knitting. The self-repair of broken appliances and furniture saves lots of money, incidentally, because buying is much more costly to your wallet.

New possibilities to repair equipment

Not everyone has had a technical education and not everyone is handy, but often you are more clever than you thought you were. Moreover, most of the failures are due to a poor preparation of a repair job, and not careful enough or in a wrong order, following the instructions therefore.

The self-repair the screen of your iPhone

Most iPhones are easily to be broken especially the screen or the back plate. The self-repair of a broken window or a broken back of your iPhone is not as difficult as you think. On the internet you can find videos which explain step by step precisely how to do it. Are you handy and careful and you have some small screwdrivers at home, you just need a new screen or back plate, and then you can repair the iPhone itself.

The self-repair of electrical appliances

Most defects in washing machines, dryers, etc., are difficult to find out. The components of the devices which need to be replaced sometimes only costs a few euros, but for repair costs, it even costs a few hundred euros. Accordingly, you can find out the troubleshooter in the accompanying papers or on the Internet site to find out where the problem lies and then also search the Internet for videos of repairs of devices of the same brand, type and service number which are carefully explained and demonstrated. You can get the required components at your neighborhood at the electrical shop.

Look for someone who can repair

You do not dare to attempt to start a repair, you do not need to be despair. Find a handy person in your immediate social environment who already has carried out several repairs and ask for help. Make sure does that person is not busy, or else you can offer your help in another area or, if the person really wants nothing, surprise her/his with a bottle of wine or other gift that you know they are into.

The repair itself is rewarding

It is therefore worth investigating even if you do not need something to be fixed yet. Especially if the only remaining option to discard and replace the device, you can even try best to look after it carefully in accordance with the rules of the trade and repair. For example, all dismounted screws and nuts neatly ranked by detaching side by side, so you also can build back the same way again. Once you know where the fault is, you’re already half on the right track. You’ve never done anything like that, ask a handy person in your home to help you with the job, but please note that the preparation is done in time and any new parts are already in the house. Remember always to screw your safety and never start to repair devices whose end is still plugged into the mains.

Second Life

You do not dare to attempt to repair broken furniture and you do not know anyone in your area who knows about it, then there is no choice but to seek for new furniture. But what do you do with your old furniture? Sales usually fails, because many people on internet search for undamaged furniture. The company that brings your new furniture, usually does not take your old furniture, and the shops of the cycle even charge you if they have to pick up broken furniture. A good option for your old furniture without losing cost to put it on a sales site on the Internet for free pick up. Often people down there who can not afford new furniture or can repair the furniture, they get a second life. You therefore lost no extra cost.

Short life

Many household appliances is made for a low life expectancy, so that the consumer after a short time need to buy a new device. Usually this involves a small component of a printer, coffee or anything like that but it is easy to replace, so you can double the life of the device. So it’s good to always find out whether the defect and remedy.

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