Tips for protection from summer heat

The exterior shading devices capture heat to keep it from getting inside the building. The facade awnings offer a perfect shield against heat and prying eyes. The air mass lying between the awning fabric and the window ensures effective thermal protection. The cheap pop up canopies for sale is the essential element to any conservatory. So that this “oasis glass” does not turn into a greenhouse, sun shade offers customized solutions and protection against prying eyes to equip the roofs and vertical panels of verandas. In your absence, an automatic deploys sunscreens, so you do not have to worry that the stones of the patio are warming under the influence of heat.

Ventilation night: during periods of hot weather, the outside temperature drops in the early morning only; the coolest time being just before sunrise. That’s when it’s important to ventilate (by air or with a fan).

Extinguishing Devices: turn off appliances and lights you do not need. This reduces internal heat generation. For replacement or new purchases of equipment, opt for low power consumption and low heat generation products.

Fan: air movement can help lessen the effects of the summer heat. The ceiling fans, table or room ventilation provide a refreshing sensation. These low relatively cheap consumer devices are quite useful on certain days of the year with exceptional climatic conditions. They use 20 to 50 times less
electricity than air conditioning.

And, last but not least: cold drinks, light and small outfits refreshing showers are excellent remedies against the summer heat.

Maintenance tips for awning or canopy or another sunshade device

Support is essential to the life of sunscreens, shutters and garage doors, awning and canopy.

Maintenance of solar awnings and canopy

• Clean the canvas sunscreen with a brush.
• Remove dirt with warm water and a mild detergent, such as Fabric Cleaner.
• Rinse the cloth with hot water.
• Once a year, apply silicone on the rotating parts and hinges.
• Do not wrap the fabric that when dry.

Maintenance of blinds

• Clean the awning with warm water and a mild detergent.
• Clean the guide profiles.
• After cleansing, apply a new coat of wax on the box and the guidance system.
• Do not wrap the fabric that when dry.

Maintenance of garage doors

• Clean the rails.
• Clean the inside and outside of the panels with water and a neutral soap solution.
• Clean any windows with clear water.
• Use a special cleaner for aluminum profiles.
• Clean and maintain side seals using a product for joints.
• Apply a drop of oil (SAE 20) on the hinges, rollers, and bearings.

Maintenance of shutters

• Use warm water and a mild detergent.
• Clean the guide profiles.

How to create a canopy over the porch

Quite often it happens that the house loses all its original appeal and looks so well kept and not neglected. In this case, you can install a beautiful canopy over the front door and porch. After all, awnings are an excellent addition to any exterior. They can be of different shapes and made of different materials. There are awnings over the pergola, on the porch at the entrance to the building and garden shed.


1. Canopy only superficially may seem relatively simple construction. In fact, it is critical first to make a correct measurement. Then it is necessary to develop the project, and only then, according to him, you can go to implement. You can also build a canopy over the porch of wood or polycarbonate.

2. Set at a distance of 1.5m from two ahead. Wooden frame made of timber width of 15-20 cm and a height of 2.2 m bottom should not touch the ground – if you have a concrete foundation on the porch, just fasten screws to the anchors (special fasteners), concreted into the foundation of the tide.

3. From above, parallel to the facade, place on horizontal rack bar of the timber, and then bind the resulting construction of two short jumpers to the facade.

4. Take two curved plates of polycarbonate ogFeste a side of the longitudinal right bar bolted to the front wall of the housing. The other side to fix the horizontal bar, which is added on top of the stand.

5. Place seam aluminum Lukkdekorativ strip with the rubber seal. Then install additional longitudinal support (suitable conventional thick and sturdy beam) for the sheets at a distance of 60 cm from the front wall.

6. There is another alternative: One can make a longitudinal girder of smooth oak lamellae measuring 25 x 75 mm, but in this case, it will be necessary to reinforce the bottom of the curved arc of the stand. This arc will rest on the bridge and the central region to maintain a light longitudinal support, thereby strengthening its right.

7. When this additional assistance any size of parts carefully check and adapt place so that the two sheets are pressed tightly enough to the main rail along the entire length, without sagging and holes.

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