Treatment: Fruit flies

Drosophilidae is a great source of annoyance for many people. The existence of the so-called fruit flies was marked around 1830 for the first time and has many variants. But where do these fruit fly today come from? Can anything be done to prevent us from fruit flies? And if you already have problems with fruit flies, how can you then ensure that they disappear?

What are fruit flies exactly?

Fruit flies are in family fly and come in lots of variants (spreads around the world) for. In general, they are flies with little red eyes. A fruit fly has a body length of from one to six millimeters, and the color of the body of the fruit fly can vary widely. Thus they have brown, yellow, reddish-brown or have black bodies, with the thorax and the abdomen can be striped or spotted.


The most famous family is Drosophila or Melanogaster. This is due to the favorable properties for genetic research. The American researcher Thomas Hunt Morgan was interested in the principles of heredity and used fruit flies to investigate it. Initially, he chose fruit flies because they are simple and cheap to maintain in the laboratory. In addition, they reproduce quickly forth and lay many eggs. The use of fruit fly as a model organism was very special. In may 1933, he was received a Nobel reception (among others) for his research on the fruit fly.

Where are fruit flies in?

Fruit flies are mainly on ripe and rotting fruit (or fermenting liquids). At the very moment that fruit ripening or even rotting, there is a strong alcoholic odor free. The same applies to fermenting liquids. As a fruit fly has a very good sense of smell, they know how to find the way to the source of the smell quickly.

Why are there so many identical fruit flies at once?

When a fruit fly has found an interesting place, it will move to nest there. Male fruit flies will produce a buzzing sound and female fruit flies are attracted to this with their sounds. Female fruit flies do lay 15 to 25 eggs in the vicinity of the food source. An egg of a fruit fly could come out within hours, which will quickly produce a numerous fruit flies.

What can be done prevent fruit flies?

There is not much to do to prevent fruit flies, except keep an eye on your fruit in old age. When the fruit is not fresh and actually already matures, it is wise to throw it away. The same can happen with a leftover pot where food has been in. Make sure you do jars wash clean or dispose of them as quickly as possible with the associated bin.

How can you combat existing fruit flies?

There are many solutions from generation to generation. But nowadays there are also special products for sale. Although they are not all equally successful, it may still contribute to a substantially “fruit fly-free” environment. Below are the most frequently mentioned solutions against fruit flies.

Dr. Clean – Fruit flies catcher

These fruit flies Catcher Dr. Clean is developed in order to entice fruit flies, and that is done with the help of special foods. The bugs get into a trap and then can not escape. The catcher works most effectively if you put it beside the incubator.


There are multiple resources with vinegar invented to against fruit flies. But overall, it works require to make equal parts of vinegar and water in a bowl or glass. Then add a drop of dish-washing liquid. Stir it then well and cover it with a piece of cling film. Prick holes and then called fruit flies over. Tip: It can also help to add a tablespoon of sugar to the mix. As a substitute for vinegar and detergent, you can play this trick with soy sauce, banana peels, old beer with sugar


It is probably shame to use port as expulsion means. But if you really want to get rid of your fruit flies, this solution is definitely worth it. Enter some jars or glasses with port and circulate through space. The fruit flies come quickly off and drown themselves. Basil Fruit flies do not deal well with basil. So put some basil down. Soon you’ll find the fruit flies are gone the next day.

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