Types of the essential oil diffuser

First, you must know there are different essential oil diffuser reviews which each have different specificities. This section will enable you to learn more about the different modes of distribution of essential oils to choose the best product for your needs.


You want to naturally perfume your home? You want to enjoy the relaxing, revitalizing or purifying essential oils? You want to use essential oils wherever you go? Discover our selection of essential oil diffusers from € 22.95

You want to naturally perfume your home?

Diffusers of essential oils mood are right for you, according to essential oil diffuser reviews! With a cold mist produced by ultrasound, they carry the essential oils deposited on the surface of the water in the room air. A fragrant atmosphere sometimes associated with poetic color changes.

You want to enjoy the relaxing, revitalizing or purifying essential oils?

You will opt for an essential oil diffuser fogging. A simple air pump propels the essential oils in a glass circuit and turns them into micro-droplets that rise into the air. Pure and disseminated cold, their properties are perfectly preserved.

You want to use essential oils wherever you go?

Nomadic broadcasters follow you everywhere. To connect to the cigarette lighter of the car or the USB port on your computer, they are suitable for local use.

There are 6 kinds of essential oils diffuser:

  • Nebulization
  • Ultrasound
  • Ventilation
  • Warmth
  • Misting
  • Nomadic

Essential oil diffuser by nebulization

This process allows through vibrations to separate and distribute the molecules of essential oils in the form of very fine particles emitted into the ambient air. This distribution method is carried out cold and thus preserves all the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Most of the time the essential oil diffuser consists of a base where is located the motor and a glass portion to accommodate the essential oils. The nebulizers are very effective and can distribute the oils in spaces up to 120m². They are equipped with a power inverter.

Essential oil diffuser by Ultrasound

Ultrasonic diffusion is a cold delivery method which does not damage the original fragrance of essential oils but also retains their energy values. The ultrasound produced by the diffuser used to transform the mixture of water and oil in a light mist that spreads in the air.

In addition, this delivery method allows moistening the air making it less dry and more breathable. Blood oxygenation is also favored. These diffuser essential oils is suitable for medium sized rooms but will prove very helpful to breathe better air usually drained by our heating systems.

Essential oil diffuser by ventilation

Dissemination ventilation is performed cold thereby keeping all the benefits of essential oils. The air blast generated by the fan propels the oils of the micro particles in the air passing through the zone where they are deposited.

This diffuser allows essential oils to regularly change the scent of the oil circulated through its ease of maintenance. This distribution method is extremely fast and efficient, it will allow optimal distribution in spaces up to 60m.

Essential oil diffuser by soft heat

The diffusion of essential oils is achieved through regulated heat which does not alter the properties of the essential oils. You should know that essential oil retains all its properties as the temperature reached does not exceed 45 ° C.

These essential oils diffusers are very simple to use and also allow enjoying the dissemination of essential oils at an affordable cost. Maintenance is also easy on this type of diffuser which allows changing oil regularly.

Essential oil diffuser by misting

These diffuser essential oils use a system that creates a mist from the water which is in its reservoir. Essential oils are added to the water in small proportions. The mist that contains essential oils fragrance diffuses into the air. The mist also helps to make the least dry air while ensuring the dissemination of essential oils.

Broadcasters we offer are equipped with water level sensors which allow them to stop automatically when the water level is too low. Finally, most of them are equipped with LED light that offers a variation of colors and makes them very aesthetic misters.

Essential oil diffuser by nomad

This is a type of natural distribution that does not need electricity to operate. Nomadic diffusers are suitable for small rooms such as bathrooms or toilets or even cars.

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