What color to choose for my room?

“What color am I going to select for my bedroom? Blue? Pink? Purple? The dark? … One thing is certain: everyone has their own opinion for colors. The key is that the bedroom make you feel comfortable and in tune with the decor in it. Find below 12 colors to stimulate your decor needs.

1. A rather feminine room: “La vie en rose”


Welcome to a room which is clearly “girly”. But there is no offense, some men may also feel involved in all its variations of purple! The result is very soft and soothing. We love the two-tone version of the wall, pale pink and white bottom to the top except for the colorful picture hanging above the bed which match well with the rest of the room, and finally the wooden stool which is perfect for nightstand office.

2. From beige and black for the bedroom

The black opposes all colors. From this fact, it can enhance all other possible tones and shades. For example, this dark black is not too overwhelming because it notes and highlights this very neutral beige on the skirt of perpendicular wall. We love this alliance here, but it also works with other colors as beige! So get your brushes!

3. Many colors on the wall of this room

This rest area reflects a sweetness and an almost heavenly pleasure. Very simple in appearance, leaning a little more about some details of this room, we realize that there is a search for a particular style. We love the small armchair to the right, a color almost similar to the wall behind him. This process allows completely melt the furniture in the room, and make it uniform and homogeneous. We also like the cushions for their shape reminiscent of the clouds, the skies.

4. A black room, and some white gold accents

We find this photo in black and white classic that satisfies the largest number generally. This is understandable: with this type of tint, the risk is lower and is suitable for everyone. However, note that only the wall directly above the bed is black. The rest is white. It is to highlight that area specifically. Patterns in gold triangle were added to the black paint, and the room lights are the same shade and there are echoes. The bed is then the theme of the room, because the sheets and pillowcases with checkered pillows are a mix of all the decoration: Black and white. An overall very satisfying!

5. A room to the celestial blue

You want to escape, to take a big breath of fresh air, or being cut off from the earthly world? This room can solve this problem and thus bring you a solution! Decorated in a modest way, we love the rough wood floors, giving personality and authenticity to the room. But the icing on the cake remains the wall above the bed, reminiscent of a winter sunset.

6. The bedroom rainbow sky!

Welcome to a colorful world! There is no need to say that you really love the color if you decide to go in this optical decoration for your room. Or just enjoy the originality and which is offset. What we like: the carpet with squares of all kinds of colors, the cactus in a pretty vase yellow and brick wall painted with a beautiful green water. Travel in Wonderland!

7. A chic dark blue room

From the first glance at this photo, one is immediately struck : consistency that emerges. Everything seems almost matched. And visually, it is very successful. The radiator far left was even painted the same color as the wall so it can better blend into the background. And on the stool in the foreground, there is a glass and a bottle in the same hues

8. Some red for a romantic room!

Ah, the red! In the Middle Ages, it was the color of manhood and warriors. But let’s forget the past, because it has changed since. Today, the red stands for passion, poise, and elegance. In this room are two dominant colors: red and white. Moreover, one can easily separate the room into two distinct parts: the whole top is bright white, no frills, and the lower part, very colorful and intense. I am a fan of the association’s chair, carpet, pillow red pillows and blankets, which burst the screen!

9. From a room with brown smooth

Let us introduce you 100% zen and comfort room… This color level, the focus is on something discreet and present both: brown mole is perfect for giving the boot and style to the room, without being overbearing. We love the small armchair. Indeed, the two plants to supply their nature and the two hanging lamps on either side of the bed. Definitely, you get a nice cozy room, comfortable!

10. A pastel colored room

Pastel shades are experiencing a resurgence of late. Why? Well may be for their contribution to a more gentle and relaxed atmosphere inside the room. We like the clear blue on the wall above the bed, hanging lamps and white flowers pillows arranged on this layer look very comfortable.

11. A touch of sunshine in this single room!

Yellow is perhaps the most unusual color. As it is a primary color, everyone loves a general nature. Considered too aggressive to the eyes or annoying in the long run, yellow intimidates. Here is a perfect compromise to familiarize yourself gently with this color. Choose to select two different colors for the wall is a risky bet, but when it works very aesthetic. This is the case of this room. The yellow gives a nice pep and sun-shaped mirrors also accentuate the dynamics of space!

12. Plaid brings in itself the color of the room key!

A room can be colored without necessity going through the floor or wall coverings. This photo illustrates this. Very white in appearance, any color is concentrated around and on the bedspreads. This is a good way to not take any risks because you can easily change color by replacing quite simply the sheets. It is the tip of the day! Change your mood, change color, for a modular room to infinity.


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