How do I install solar panels?

Solar panels are the long term, good investment. This environmentally friendly solution for energy production is used in more and more households. A do it yourself kit consists of just a few key components. However, it is advised to be careful because the components can be costly. The connection of three solar panels is many […]

The various equipment that can be self-repaired to save money

The repair itself is a subject that many people nowadays do not dare even think about. It is the habit to do things themselves. Nevertheless, the trend is changing. Making your own clothes is again popular, like crocheting, embroidery and knitting. The self-repair of broken appliances and furniture saves lots of money, incidentally, because buying […]

Treatment: Fruit flies

Drosophilidae is a great source of annoyance for many people. The existence of the so-called fruit flies was marked around 1830 for the first time and has many variants. But where do these fruit fly today come from? Can anything be done to prevent us from fruit flies? And if you already have problems with […]