Gardening Tools: Handy Buying Tips

If you only just gardening is not at all necessary that you already have a complete equipment. With a few essential pieces you come a long way, and if you need more, you purchase these things gradually over time.

Let you will not be tempted during the acquisition by the huge demand, because the more you gardens, the better will be your understanding during purchase. In this article, you can find useful information about the necessary equipment and buy tips. It is essential to choose the best lawn mower.

Purchasing tips

  • Stainless steel or coated: Stainless steel does not rust and is easy to clean but also expensive.
  • Chrome is cheaper but wear off over time.
  • Buy quality products: but these are not always the most expensive because usually his tools from the middle class as well.
  • Super cheap products: watch out, because usually there is a snag.
  • Warranty: approved companies usually add a few years warranty.
  • Test: During the purchase, always check that the material is well in hand. It is also important that the size and weight suit you.
  • Buying small equipment: with brightly colored handles, to make them stand out more because can get faster search small tools during the work and after work they will continue to swing often.
  • Handles: on colder days warmer feel a wooden handle at one of metal.

Watering can and hose

  • A watering can is very useful because you can use it both indoors and outdoors. To irrigate large areas best to use a garden hose.
  • Buy a watering can with an adjustable sprayer.
  • A garden hose usually has a connector that let you mist, spraying and spraying.
  • Buy a garden hose that is long enough so that you can spray the whole garden.
  • Do not let kink enter the hose and store so that frost does not affect the PVC him well in the winter.

Hand sprayer

  • With this spray can the plants indoors and mist outside. It can also be used to spray liquid manures and pesticides.
  • Most of the types have a pump mechanism, which ensures that it is over-pressure will prevail in the reservoir.
  • With the injection button, you can adjust the strength of the beam.
  • Buy a hand sprayer to reveal the amount of content.

Hand forks and shovel flowers

  • This hand is indispensable during weeding, planting, digging and digging chores. You can accurately weed plant boxes, and it is also much easier to plant small plants and bulbs or oppose. The hand works are ideal for heavy clay soils. Because of the narrow shovel blade is a floral scoop very convenient to work in raised beds, tubs, and rock gardens.
  • Buy a hand fork with a wooden or plastic handle well in the hand.
  • A hand fork has three or four modes: satisfy both types.


A rake can be very helpful to loosen soil, to equalize, and the ranking of waste. If you have a lawn comes a leaf rake handy and is an indispensable lawnmower.

Garden Rake

  • The rake head is usually made of carbon steel and has large, rounded teeth or riveted, nail-like teeth.
  • Waste raking: Place the teeth of the rake on the ground and pull the trash to you. So you collect the waste collected, and clods are broken.
  • Leveling: place the machine on the ground with the teeth upwards and rake back and forth. Do this in several directions.

Leaf Rake

Raking leaves are round or flat, flexible, steel teeth. They are very useful for gathering fallen leaves, dead grass, moss, stones, and twigs, so it does not smother the grass. Moreover, the sharp steel teeth for an individual aeration of the turf.


  • A wheelbarrow is ideal to carry all the heavy stuff.
  • A wheelbarrow with two wheels provides better stability.
  • A galvanized bin is qualitatively better than a container of plastic or metal.

Good loading

Do not exaggerate with the cargo because the wheelbarrow will be difficult to move around and help turn quickly.
Distribute the load with the greatest weight in front so you do not overload your back.


  • A trimmer is indispensable during pruning and cutting cuttings. They have a narrow, hollow or straight-blade and a sharp spherical upper blade. A good copy can be hard, wooden branches of maximum thickness one centimeter cut with ease: soft branches may be slightly thicker.
  • Provide a quality trimmer: it must be smooth cut without hurting or bruising the arm.
  • Buy a trimmer with a secure closure which lies well in hand.
  • Well cut
  • Squeeze the handles close and create, without wringing with scissors, a smooth cut.
  • Angled cut: at branches with alternating buds, we cut the branch “above the” diagonally.
  • Straight cut: if the buttons are facing each other, we cut the branch “above the buttons” right..

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