Headphones for sports: Choosing your headphones under 100$.

A piece well paced in the ears, you feel the energy that goes into you and propels you forward … Running, walking or swimming in music, it motivates! But all helmets are they suitable? Not so sure. So which to choose? Headphone range for the sport. With or without wireless, Bluetooth, waterproof, everything you need to enjoy music during sport.

Headphones for sports: Choosing your headphones for sports

The warm weather arrives and therefore, your good motivation of exercising goes up. You have decided to start playing sports but can not imagine doing it without listening to your favorite music. It is clear that the latter will give you all the motivation and make physical activity more enjoyable. For advanced athletes, listening to music is also fun.

If you want to listen to music while playing sports, do not overlook your choice of headphones for sports. Indeed, they must in perfect harmony with your movements. Thus, they need to be light and comfortable. In the market, there are many affordable headphones that suit your activity. Choosing best headphones under 100 is one suggestion.

Your listener for sport should not make their presence felt. Similarly, they should not fall off and fall out of your ears when you change pace. How to choose the ideal headset for the sport? Follow these tips. (and end of the article, find a list of headphones for sport )

The offer is diversified and present, there are a wide range of earphone for sports and for sports headphones specially adapted to the practice of physical activity. Above all, your earphones or headphones for sports must have an impeccable fit. This is probably the most important criterion. Indeed, the headphones should not force you to pay attention to your movements.

The models that meet this expectation are fitted with a headband that goes around the ear or around the neck. Headphones for sports or headphones should also know how to forget. It is, therefore, necessary that the model is flexible enough not to press cartilage and cause discomfort.

Whether you sport outdoors or indoors, it must often be noisy around you. So, what you tend to do? Turn up the volume … But it is not good for your ears. Furthermore, according to your audio preferences, you choose an in-ear, if you want to have a good music listening and isolate you from the outside world. This type of headphone is recommended especially during indoor practice as flat bike, treadmill or elliptical. So you hear better without pushing the volume too high.

By cons, it is relatively not recommended for outdoor sports activities such as running.

Indeed, for security reasons, it is best during your running sessions using a headphone that arises on open ears or semi to be listening to the outside world and to anticipate risks.

Run, jump, dance: they will not move!

Last alternative is to use a sports headphone without earphone. Indeed, sports headphones that are positioned in front of the ears and uses bone conduction to transmit sound through your User temples without seeking the eardrum.

The music even underwater

You are more connected than swimming jogging? And why could you not, you also move rhythmically? Waterproof stereos are made to all sports, including swimming: they are all-in-one, with the integrated MP3 player and headphones, which can go under water without any problem! Swimming with the waterproof Sony Walkman is one example.

These special sports headphones are also resistant to perspiration and rain, even waterproof. You can use them in all conditions, without fear for their survival, then rinse them for good hygiene. Finally, know that there are headphones for sports that are washable. This helps to wash after a session in which you have transpired.

Choose earphone or headphone for sports by taking these criteria into account and you will not be disappointed.


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