How do I install solar panels?

Solar panels are the long term, good investment. This environmentally friendly solution for energy production is used in more and more households. A do it yourself kit consists of just a few key components. However, it is advised to be careful because the components can be costly. The connection of three solar panels is many times simpler than a larger connection with multiple panels. How can I mount modules on the roof? How do I achieve optimum efficiency and where should I look for? Should the solar panels are connected to the meter and can I do it myself?

What are the benefits of having solar panels?

Over the long term using solar panels, you can save much expense. The purchase of these can be pricey, but it has become increasingly cheaper. Besides the expenditure is relatively less when the number of solar panels which is ordered higher. This kind of power is an environmentally friendly solution. However, there are disadvantages to this method of energy production.

What can possibly be the disadvantages of using solar panels?

Solar panels are not efficient for temporary use. The expenses is only made up after a long period. In addition, they can be difficult to move because of its size. Ideally you want to move the material as little as possible because it is costly.

How do I connect the solar panels?

There are a do-it-yourself kits which make it possible to install solar panels entirely. It is important to ask after during the purchase whether cables are included or not. Usually the cables are present, but this does not always have to be so.

What do I need for equipment?

The main part of a solar panel is the solar cell. This expensive components provide the energy production and conversion of solar energy into electricity. In addition, there is a solar panel connection from a number of other major components. Without these components, you can not connect solar panel system.

Installation material to fix it to the roof.

Additionally, you can use a monitoring station. This allows you to imagine how much power the solar panels can produce and check for a defect which is present. However, a measuring station is not necessary.

How do I place the solar panels on the roof?

It is extremely important to secure the solar panels firmly to the roof. This is to protect others and yourself. The solar panels are oriented to the south, so when the solar panels are placed on a flat roof, it is recommended that the panels have an angle of inclination of between 34 and 38 degrees. This allows the panels receive an optimal amount of sun. Connecting the solar panels to the meter are required by law to make the connection to the meter done by an installer. The power is supplied via a so-called converter. Without a converter, it can not be connected to the meter. If fewer than three solar panels are present, this converter can be connected directly to the outlet. With more than three solar panels, it becomes associated with a group in the cupboard and connected here.It is then connected to an earth leakage circuit breaker so that it is secured. When there are a maximum of twelve solar panels mounted there can be used a so-called “PV distributor”. This is a product that consists of a group of cabinet and outlets. For example, to connect a washing machine or dryer to the wall socket. The PV distributor can be connected directly to the solar panels.

What should I look for?

Solar panels work best when they absorb as much light as possible. Keep this in mind by checking how much light can be absorbed by panels per day. It is recommended to study the “route” of the sun: Note the different directions. Solar panels are oriented to the south which it can catch the most light on. The way the sun in the sky travels during the summer is different than in the winter. One can possibly use it to increase the efficiency during a specific season. Insurance after installing is important. You should have the system checked by an electrician so that it can be ensured. The installer must be affiliated with the “UNETO-VNI”, a business organization that is focused on the installation sector.

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