How to choose an electric essential oil diffuser?

To fully enjoy the benefits of essential oils, we advise you to invest in a diffuser that allows a true “aromatic diffusion” and diffuses without significant heat (oxidation of essential oils) or water (water preventing ionization of essential oils). The electric essential oil diffusers are divided into 2 categories: micro-circulation, ventilation, warmth and misting. To help you choose the most suitable distributor for your needs and your budget, we will explain briefly various models and their performance.

  • Dissemination by micro-diffusion: MICRO-RELEASE
  • Dissemination by ventilation: VENTILATION

A) The micro-diffusion essential oil diffuser

Whatever its shape, color or even age, they are all based on the same principle: A pump that compresses air and glassware which is used to “break” the essential oils and release particles of cervical light “fog”. This “smoke” is the essential micro-aired oil.

Note: The shape of the glass does not affect the quality of the broadcast, your choice depends only on your taste.

The essential oil diffuser by micro diffusion is usually more expensive to buy but has good durability and excellent distribution.

The advantages:

– In our opinion, the most efficient in terms of broadcast quality,

– These diffusers are powerful and can quickly cover large volumes (up to 120 m² for a standard ceiling height 2.50m)

– The distribution is cold. There is no degradation of essential oils by heat,

– Micronisation enables fractionation of essential oils on the glass wall and so release a maximum of active ingredients and scents,

The disadvantages:

– Depending on the model, the pump can generate some noise,

– The glass is dirty and clogged. A maintenance is therefore to provide from time to time (1 to 2 times a month depending on frequency of use and type of essential oils)

Types of the micro-diffusion essential oil diffuser

1) Essential oil diffuser with diaphragm pump:

The diaphragm pump used in the diffusers is identical to the pump regenerating air aquarium water. There are diffuser models with single or dual pump models with dual pump is more powerful. The first diffuser models are over 25 years. Due to their design, they are generally very reliable (we have customers who have their diffusers for 20 years), but unfortunately a bit noisy (electro-magnet generating a purr).

Single pump model: These are models that are intended to broadcast at maximum in parts of 30 to 40 m2

Double pump model: These are models that are intended to broadcast at maximum in parts of 70 to 120 m2

2) Essential oil diffuser with turbine pump:

These are models that are intended to broadcast a maximum in the parts 100 to 150 m2.

The principle is identical except that the air is compressed by an electric micromotor. These models are reliable in time and they are more powerful and quieter than the membrane models.


3) Diffuser without glassware:

Recently, on the market, there are micronized broadcasters with non-glass models. No need for glassware, it connects the vial of essential oil of your choice, programs the machine and you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. So you can enjoy all the benefits of a micro-diffusion diffuser (those mentioned above) without the drawbacks on cleaning job. It is a revolution in the field of broadcasting.

B) Gentle heat essential oil diffuser

The essential oil diffuser by heat is the simplest broadcasters. This ranges from simple essential oil cup placed on the radiator, models with thermostat via the classic burned candle.

But beware: not to degrade the essential oils, the temperature should not exceed 45 ° C. The candle burned in particular is not recommended. The obtained temperature may be above 100 ° C. This temperature accelerates the oxidation and alters the properties of essential oils.

We strongly advise you to steer you to the models with low temperature thermo resistance. You’ll enjoy a good spread without altering the essential oils. Producing no noise, you can put these models on a night table, on your desktop or in any room with a lower surface 20 m2.

The advantages:

– The warmth does not degrade the properties of essential oils,

– No maintenance (a small cloth shot and alcohol enough)

– No noise

– Aesthetic models, which are in real decorative objects,

– Suitable for small rooms as a bedroom or office.

The disadvantages:

– The hedged volumes remain low,

– The distribution is slower

– Do not break the molecules of essential oils to extract maximum properties and scents,

– Some essential oils “a bit heavy” like citrus are struggling to be broadcast by against light essential oils such as eucalyptus are very well distributed.

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