Practical tips for house moving: What must be in your checklist?

A move to a new address is one of those typical events that always bring more trouble with it than you originally thought. When moving out, a lot more things needs to be stuffed in a truck load and leave. Thus there is considerable paperwork and telephone calls coming to customize, thinking of the passing of your change of address to your ISP, to the church, to your bank, and so on. And then we have not over the actual transfer of the whole and cut themselves. To know how much all the relocation will cost you can request online quotes from movers. After you have filled out data, they will give you an idea of the potential cost of the move. The following checklist of practical tips can help you move your things in an efficient way.

Checklist for moving out

When moving, you often get there more things than you might think at first sight. Even if you just make a good estimate of your total household stuffs, yet you always bring more stuff than you originally thought. Everything from the cabinets then appears to be cram and takes more time than you had anticipated in cardboard boxes. The following practical tips can give you a checklist to make your move efficiently.

Terminate lease

If you rent a house or apartment it is necessary that you cancel the lease on time. If you know the exact date when you leave the house, you will let the landlord know in time then you leave. There is generally a rent notice of three months is observed. Do this for all security by registered mail so that you are sure that the landlord is informed.

Change of address

After the move you will use a different address. Logically, you should bring it to the post informed. Find out what the possibilities are, even after you move mail, it is still sent to your old address automatically. Also in the municipality where you live, you will have to indicate your change of address.

Telephone and internet

All facilities in the field of telephone, Internet, cable subscription and energy (gas, electricity, water) must be adjusted to your new address. It is important to timely contact with the respective companies and organizations. Ensure that the gauges for water, gas and electricity are sealed in your presence and that the final settlement is correct.

Bank and insurance

Financially, it is important to timely notify your change of address to your bank. So any correspondence (eg. A new bank card) is sent to your home address is not lost. Timely reporting is necessary, like your health insurance. Inform your health insurance provider that you move to a new address.

Plan the actual move

When a move is also in the field of clearing and packing much more demanding than you might think. So make timely a schedule with the exact things you want to start packing. If necessary, there will be furniture that must be disassembled in order to be packed thoroughly so as to prevent damage. Start with the simplest things (eg. Clothes, books) and place it in a luggage or in cardboard boxes. Then continue with the bigger things that are more difficult to move.

Moving insurance

Are you not at all assured that all of your belongings in the move will remain intact? Did you well pack everything but want to ensure the move? Consider having a moving insurance to be taken. Depending on the value of your stuff you can enter into a relocation insurance with an insurer. Also, some moving companies offer this option in the removal contract.

Loading goods

Moving companies are not just pile everything in a heap in the moving van. On the contrary, the loading of the goods is accurately prepared and planned for the move. Typically, moving companies have a coordinator or supervisor who helps with the planning and execution of the actual move. Thus, you can, for example, make clear what stuff you absolutely need first at your new address, so that these issues are the most recently loaded. Also, you must make sure the moving van have sufficient parking space that is near your new home.


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