Replace your watch battery at home

At the moment that your watch no longer shows the correct time, it is time for action. Try first to find out if you watch an automatic watch or a watch is battery powered. An automatic watch runs by wearing it. By the movement of your wrist, the spring is excited and continues to run the watch. If you do enough exercise and the watch does not work properly, there may be something else going on. When you watch battery suddenly stops working properly, it is needed to be replaced. You can replace your watch, but you can also replace your watch battery.

Watch battery replacement: do it yourself or have it done?

At the time, the battery of your watch is still on the move, you will find that your watch always shows the wrong time, often later that the exact time. Before you throw your watch away under the guise of “broken”, it is advisable to change the battery in your watch. In many cases, your clock will then be again like new! If you suspect that the battery in your watch is blank, you may need it as soon as (to) replace. An empty watch battery can eventually damage your watch. You can replace the battery in your watch by a jeweler. This generally costs € 5 to € 10. Your watch battery should be replaced by a jeweler who has some experiences. Thus replacing the battery sometimes falls within the warranty on your watch so you do not have to pay for the battery. Also, the small damage of the watch also can be repaired by jewelers. Finally, some jewelers give you instantly watch professional cleanings and they can ensure that your watch remains watertight. Replace your watch battery on your own is also possible. This can result in cost savings and also allows you to replace watch batteries at any time that suits you. But how do you do that, replace the battery yourself on your watch?

Replace your watch battery by yourself

Clean the outside of the watch with a toothbrush. In this way, you prevent dirt from entering the inside of your watch which can cause damage. Put your watch then on a soft cloth such as a towel. This will prevent the transparent plate on the front of your watch being scratched.

Remove the cover on the back of the watch. In many watches, the back can be opened with a knife or flat-blade screwdriver. A notch in the lid can also be loosen by using a coin. With tweezers, you can then carefully remove the battery. The small battery is sometimes hidden behind a loose lid or in a clip.

Research what type of battery is in the watch. Watch batteries are called button cells and located on the back of the battery. In most cases, the battery has a number consisting of 3 or 4 digits. You can buy watch batteries online or in the shop, or in jeweler. There are often two distinct types of watch batteries, alkaline watch battery and the silver oxide watch battery. A major advantage of silver oxide watch batteries is that they have more capacity than alkaline watch batteries.

Take the new watch battery from the package and remove the protective film. Rub with a cloth over the battery to remove any fingerprints or dirt. Then insert the battery in the same way the old battery is placed. After that see if you watch starts running again. If so, you can place the back of the watch in order.

Tips for replacing your watch battery

  • Use a magnifying glass and bright light for yourself to provide more insight into the often small battery components
  • The watch cover can not be opened easily? Stop and bring your watch to the jeweler to avoid damage
  • Use a bowl to store any loose items (such as small screws), so you can not get rid of it
  • Consider whether the price of a new watch battery outweighs the cost of a new watch
  • Be aware that the guarantee can expire prematurely
  • Waterproof watches are usually not waterproof when you change the batteries, because a special action is necessary to the watch waterproof to maintain / regain

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