Safe use of hand tools at home tips & advice

The numbers do not lie. Every year over 200,000 accidents happen in the workplace due to the use of hand tools. And then the small job accidents at home are excluded. Tens of thousands of do-it-yourself end up in the hospital each year, with thousands of cases are directly related to the improper use of hand tools including screwdrivers, saws, pliers and hammers. As self-repairing becomes increasingly popular, the risk of accidents increases. Once inexperienced handymen wall with tools and construction materials go in the back, the danger lurks. The following tips and advice will make a contribution to a safer working environment and a judicious use of hand tools.


  • Safe working environment
  • More haste less speed
  • Safe use of hand tools – tips & advice
  • Work gloves, protective clothing and no jewelry …
  • Over Heels, planning and drilling

Safe working environment

If you are at home in the garage or shed doing a job, you must first ensure that the workplace is safe: Leave nothing lying around and place tools at a fixed location. Stumbling is indeed one of the greatest dangers, for example, cables, power tools, garden hose that needs to be rolled, construction materials stored in the wrong place and stairs and ladders that stand in the way. Keep other tools away and take out only what you need. The less clutter, the safer.

More haste less speed

DIY is popular. It is one of the main reasons – in addition to jobs and for many people is a hobby – to do certain tasks simply by themselves. Who has a busy social life, will sooner or later find themselves faced with serious lack of time as the finish of the paint job and the repair of the gutter for too long in coming and there housemates will grumble. Seek help from someone in exchange for a favor. Think in weeks instead of days. Set your own pace. Most importantly, you should always apprehensive in mind for the “four I” on the safe use of tools:

  • Indifference
  • Inattention
  • Imprudence
  • Incompetence

Safe use of hand tools – tips & advice

  • Determined hand tools such as hammers and grinders are rent at the tools stores in your region.
  • Know that they are dangerous when misused.
  • Go there only if you work as a layman who knows exactly what is their function and what they can do.
  • Check on the Internet for a video about its use.
  • Read the instructions, know the safety rules and apply them in the right way

As you are provided experience in builds up, here are some tips and advice about safe handling of tools:

Work gloves, protective clothing and no jewelry

Who does not wear work gloves, sooner or later suffer from abrasions. This also applies for when you are with building materials and cement works. You should also put on yourself a thick jeans, remove rings, necklaces and other jewelry, bind long hair in a ponytail and forget the scarf when you work with rotary power tools. It needs no explanation of what can happen when you hit such things in the wind. Also, safety glasses, safety shoes and in some cases a dust mask are certainly necessary.

Over heels, planning and drilling

Make sure hammers and other tools are firmly in the stem. If necessary, replace the wedges. Clamp always capture the material in the processed, for example in a vice or workbench. Your hands are then free. Chisels and knives must be sharp, and without burrs. You should always pay attention when working with sharp tools. If using a gas burner, it is a fire hazard that is always likely to occur. Make sure that (grounded!) power cables are never in a puddle of (rain) water, role cords always back on the reel storage tools that you do not use, it will prevent you from tripping over your own stuff. After use of power tools, always disconnect them from the mains. Do the same when changing accessories or when cleaning of these devices. Sparks and splinters? Again, protect your eyes. Bearing is impossible in such cases, so always wear safety glasses. That’s better than having to go to the hospital to send for a metal splinter from the cornea.


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