Stressed? Diffuse essential oils for ZEN home

If you are stressed out right now and you have noticed that your life is a little harder to manage than usual, consider essential oils to broadcast. You can indeed quite simply spread a little blend of essential oils chosen specifically for relaxation and calm.

Essential oils have indeed a beneficial effect on the nerves when they are inhaled, and can help you relax at home while creating a soft and soothing atmosphere.

To create a Zen atmosphere at home, choose the essential oils of petitgrain bitter orange (the orange sheet), neroli (orange blossom of) and marjoram shell. These three essential oils are known for their harmonizing action on the nervous sphere. Some psychiatric services in Belgium also broadcast the petitgrain bitter orange in the clinic to appease schizophrenic patients.

My advice: put three drops of marjoram, three drops of neroli and petitgrain cing drops in your diffuser and switch on as soon as you return from work. Place in a strategic place where the transition is smooth: the exhibition entrance for example or near the kitchen door. You do not have a diffuser? So put a few drops of essential oil on cotton mixture in your closet, under-cabinet, sofas … It’s more discreet but essential oils evaporate. Post 30 minutes to enjoy the sweet aromas of citrus that will be distributed throughout the house. Post to decrease stress is good, but this is not enough, do not forget to breathe slowly and deeply … with the belly!

How to diffuse essential oil? An essential oil diffuser.

There are 2 common types of essential oil diffuser:

  • Dissemination by warmth: SWEET HEAT
  • Dissemination by fogging: MIST

a) Ventilation essential oil diffuser (cold or hot air)

Ventilation essential oil diffuser’s principle is very simple: a fan “pushes” air through a buffer that you have previously soaked in essential oils. This forced air flow instantly spreads essential oils in the room. Since it is very quiet, you can use it in a room or in an office, not his power to cover a full house.

Ventilation essential oil diffusers are reserved for smaller areas that micro-broadcast broadcasters (up to 60 m² depending on model).

The advantages:

– No glassware to maintain,

– No heat, so the oils are not denatured,

– Very silent

The disadvantages:

– The hedged volumes remain low,

– Some essential oils “a bit heavy” poorly disseminated (the larger molecules remaining on the buffer)

b) Diffuser misting (ultra-sound)

These models are increasingly in vogue. They are also called hybrid devices because they enable both diffuse essential oils but also water vapor (which will wet your little too dry atmosphere).

The principle of the broadcasters ultrasonic: Mist Fountain Oval. Ultrasound is a sound whose frequency is greater than 20kHz and which can not be heard by the human ear (too acute).

A membrane vibrates in the frequency range between 20 kHz and 80 kHz. Droplets are torn from the surface of the liquid so that water (and essential oils you add it) is “atomized” into fine droplets so that they evaporate in fog. The droplet size will depend on the frequency of the device. The higher the frequency, the larger droplets will be thin and fluid characteristics (density, viscosity, surface tension).

The advantages:

– Diffuse in addition to the essential oils from the water vapor,

– Low noise,

– Allows the distribution to large pieces (up to 80 m² for some models)

– Easy maintenance,

– Aesthetic models, which are in real decorative objects,

– All essential oils are used in such devices.

The disadvantages:

– Diffusion slower than micro-diffusion model,

– You will not easily master the amount of essential oil distributed (those latter being added to the water) mist

– Essential oils are generally disseminated quickly (within 10 minutes). It will therefore regularly add essential oils if you want the atmosphere continues.

– These diffusers diffuse, in addition to essential oils, water. This can be an advantage if the air is very dry but a disadvantage if your house is already wet.

But if you are looking for a humidifier, which occasionally can diffuse essential oils, this device is perfect for you.

Purists will say that we can not do perfectly dissemination of essential oils and moisturize with one device (this type of diffuser is nevertheless a good compromise, although it is somewhat less effective as nebulizers (micro-broadcasters) for the aromatherapy section)

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