The best tips for dressing room

Rearranging the dressing room is to help you to find what you need in no time. It’s also a great opportunity to sort through its affairs, its bazaar and transform it into something clean and tidy. Every morning it is the same waste of time to find the right up with the right skirt. Therefore Ms. Markes, dressing coach-creating a posh-sale deposit which gives you simple and effective tips for optimizing and sorting your wardrobe out.

Step 1: Empty the dressing room and sort it out-The best tips for keeping dressing room tidy

It is time to empty the dressing room! This is perhaps the most enjoyable stage. When you find here and there clothes dating from a bygone era, an archaeologist same vocation is born in you. However, once this step is complete, it is time to move on to the most complicated phase sorting! To facilitate this, Miss Markes, coach makeover and dressing, proposes to produce a first sorting winter / summer clothes tasks. According to the dressing coach “You must sort as it piles up things you never wear.” Remove everything so you no longer wear? “By sorting, we realize that we have three times the same skirt, because we forgot about the first one” explained Miss Markes. Finally, keep only the timeless clothes because they are never out of date.

Step 2: Gather clothes by categories: seasons, types, labels…

First, separate your summer and winter clothes. If you are lucky enough to have a large dressing room, divide it into 2 parts to have a winter section or a summer one. Otherwise, put the clothes of the season which is no longer appropriate in cartons.

In order to find clothes easily, Miss Markes advised to group clothes by categories, as this is a way to get an idea of what you have and what you often wear. T-shirts together, and also the jeans. You can group your clothes by color only if your dressing room is very (very) large. Same for jeans, keep them on hangers instead of your dressing allows, if not you can stack them like sweaters. To help you choose in the morning, put your jeans with the brand label facing you.

Step 3: Underwear, accessories and shoes. where to place them?

The underwear should be easily accessible, so put them in pretty boxes, otherwise in drawers if you still have room, and same for the belts and gloves.

The shoes also have their place in your wardrobe! They are a real headache to sort. Use common sense and do not put clothes in the middle because of bacteria and odors.

Dressing room of male vs female

There is way too many differences to notice at first, men seem to be able to well arrange their dressing room into categories. But for Miss Markes, the male can not store dressing by color, even if it is not too many. As for her “men often have three blue shirts, 5 white shirts and 10 gray T-shirts, while women are more colorful and patterned clothes.”

Ranger dressing: a psychological cap

“Nothing like the sort to relieve the mind” is a bit of Miss Markes motto: “sorting is a way to focus, to see what we want, and what we do not need “she continues. Beside the dressing coaching, Ms. Markes performs psychological work with clients: “Some women who are now of 42, still have pieces in their dressing room 36 years ago, this nostalgic cap not only need to pass, but also stop too. Imagine that they will return back to the inside. The more piles of clothes, plus it’s heavy psychically. ” supports dressing coach.

We always think a sort in a dressing is an opportunity to get rid of some clothes, but Miss Markes has another opinion: “Of course, sorting help us to find out that we have 4 times the same skirt, but also allows to notice what you need, such as a jacket or blouse. ” The dressing coach leads a fight against compulsive buying, but not against the pleasure sale. “What to think above all, once your dressing is necessary, we can finally s’ grant few pleasures. “


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