The Big Pillow Test – What Exactly Top Cushions?

As a physiotherapist, I spend the last three years, specializing in problems associated with neck pain complaints. During my master training manual therapist, I am inspired by a great team of teachers.

I work as a physiotherapist. Every day I meet new clients and help me to solve their health problems. My passion for the job is greater than ever.

In practice, I get questions every day about pillows. If you suffer from acute or persistent neck problems, then it may be that at night you can not find more turn.

This is usually temporary, but it often does bring the questions: is my pillow needs replacing? What is the best pillow? Which pad suits me?

I was about to give it difficult as a physiotherapist good advice here. From scientific research, we see that a good night’s sleep is critical.

Disturbed sleep or insomnia can cause both physical and mental symptoms. I am I went along with factories, suppliers, and bedding specialty stores and have let me informed about all types of beds, mattresses, and pillows.

If sleep, your sleep position and sleep system can affect physical symptoms than I have there everything off and know my clients as well.

Superhard and high until soft and flat, you get lots of pillows against. Prices also vary.

Feather or down pillows

Very mild, airy, fresh. These pillows can completely mold and cram in shape. You knock them in the morning again, and sometimes he loses a feather.

You know them. They contain feathers and down of ducks or geese. The soft down of a duck/goose is hidden under the plumage and is softer and therefore more expensive.

If you are looking for a down pillow lets you inquire first whether the down is plucked from live animals. Conclusion: comfortable, soft but not friendly and hypoallergenic. Also, it does not support and will lose its fast resilience.


Synthetic pillows are often filled with polyester pellets or flakes. This makes the manufacturing process inexpensive. Polyester Material is usually hypoallergenic.

They are relatively soft but if you completely fill the pillow they give support. Synthetic pillows are cheap and you will therefore often in a guesthouse or hotel. I call it sometimes gag pads. They usually show whether empty or hard spots after several months.

Okay for an overnight stay in a hotel or camping, but maybe not at home. These pillows are cheap, relatively soft but give no support and services.


Often expensive memory foam pillows. Memory foam pillows are made of elastic foam which takes the temperature of your body and molds to your head, neck and shoulders.

Memory foam pillows give a lot of support, robust and heavy feel. Other names for this type of material is memory foam, NASA foam. I

Rubber cushions – Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are contoured cushions made of rubber. Usually, it consists of a mix of different materials. Latex Pillows give much support, are resilient and provide great support.

The disadvantage is the fact that latex pillows are quickly warm and retain heat. These pillows are also very pricey. That is a shame because they are durable and are of good quality; however, rubber ventilates wrong. Not an ideal solution.


Buckwheat is a herbaceous plant; the seed knows caps or peel thus you can fill a pillow. These shells are hard and give great support. You can also easily topping these pillows.

The skins make much noise. We are very shaken during the night, and that rustling noise can be annoying for a partner. The content also shifts quickly and come up empty spaces.

Aqua Soft Pillow

“I have sold several pillows in my shop, all of the very high quality. I have learned that the best pillow certainly not have time to kiss and that each customer has their wishes and personal preferences when it comes to material, firmness and comfort. In my shop, you will also find one pillow.

A pillow that full thickness, height, and firmness can be adjusted to your taste.

That is all about the pillow for your night sleep. Hope you find useful information here. Good luck!


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