Why Buy Gourmet Coffee From Barista Coffees?

When it comes to Gourmet Coffee and Gourmet Tea, the idea that Barista Coffees had was to bring to customers the best quality products and affordable prices, along with great customer service. We stick to those values because we believe in them.

Since we are based out of Paris, TX, it makes sense to follow through with your word, the products you sell and the services you provide. It’s not hard to understand that gourmet coffee today is overpriced by competitors that shall remain nameless, but we’re pretty sure you know who we’re talking about. If you are interested to explore more best coffee on Amazon you can visit TheTastyWorld where there is a list of 5 top coffee brands reviewed.

Barista Coffees is about quality products. We don’t accept anything less than high quality and wouldn’t sell products to our customers that would be considered 2nd rate or not top tier. Our belief is that customers who want value and enjoyable products will know our quality. With that understanding, we may not be the biggest coffee seller on the block, but we are growing.

What We Know about Gourmet Coffee

Coffee is enjoyable. It’s that moment right as grab your cup and feel it’s warmth, you savor it with your nose, inhale deeply appreciating the aroma and then take that first sip. That sip is the completion of years of hard work, multiple journeys, and passion. This is what makes that first sip perfect.


When you are holding a cup of gourmet coffee, close your eyes and let the sensation take over. Open your mouth just slightly and breathe in some of the taste since it’s almost electric and then deeply through your nose. You can tell almost instantly how you day will go after that first sip.

What you smell is the most complex thing humans enjoy. When people talk about the flavors of coffee — notes of orange, or hints of clove — it’s because those organic molecules are contained in the coffee bean. If a coffee reminds you of apple pie, it’s because coffee shares some of the same components as food, like lactic and malic acid.

Inside that small coffee bean are the same natural components that make flowers smell so lovely and it’s those common components that let us know when the fruit is ripe. Comparing red wine to coffee on a molecular level, coffee has wine beat 2:1. When you taste coffee, wait for it to cool down just enough for you to handle it’s warmth — you’ll be able to tell when it’s the same temperature as your body.

Flavor only matters to you. What do you enjoy? What scent does this remind you of? Do you want full body, light acidity, floral? Chocolaty to the taste?

Even if it’s something you can’t quite put your finger on, there will be things you will notice. Even without the right words, you’ll know what you like.

You experience the full flavors of the coffee bean if and only if nothing has gone wrong during the roasting process.


There is one right way to roast coffee and someone watches that roaster all day long, and that’s a person who knows exactly how to bring the best out of every bean to give the perfect balance and they have been doing it for years.

They constantly quality check the coffee beans by pulling a small amount at a time during the process. They look them over carefully. Smell them to see if they are the quality we look for. Then, they place them back. Later, more are pulled and the process starts all over again. This process is completed numerous times, perhaps hundreds of times a day by professionals who’ve done this for years.

By knowing how to adjust the temperatures and times at exactly the right moment. That is how personal the process becomes

The roast of your coffee deserves this full attention, because it can bring out the personality of the beans. Roasting brings out things like acidity, floral notes, chocolate, molasses, and earth. At the first crack – an audible signal that happens at a particular point when roasting coffee- you can hear when those coffee beans are almost ready. Once you’ve attained that, roast just enough to add the right amount of body and sweetness, without degrading the beans.

Roast different coffees as though they’re the same? There’re not. So, this is not going to work. Roast for color and not taste? Never do this. It doesn’t work.

Whatever you do, please don’t burn those coffee beans. Something so small can go through much to get to your home. Including coming from around the world.


The best coffee grows in the most remote places and there is a thin band that goes around the world near the equator. Within that band, you need mountains, thick old-growth forest and just the right microclimate. this is where the world’s finest gourmet coffee is grown.

Within that band are the world’s coffee producers. They grow what the world needs and usually don’t get paid much for it. That’s why we deal with them and pay more to bring you the best, highest quality gourmet coffee.

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